3 Great Reasons 4 Horses to Celebrate

kahuna-23 Great Reasons 4 Horses to Celebrate

Dateline:  June 2015


Equine Microcurrent Systems has officially launched their new and revolutionary, Equine Microcurrent Therapy Product:  Microlief®

Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Promotes Optimal Equine Health and Performance

Tendon-1-crop Microlief® provides pain relief for muscles, tendons and ligaments

Microlief® provides joint pain relief

Microlief® stimulates the natural healing processes within the body

Microlief® speeds up injury healing

Microlief® reduces the need for NSAIDs

Microlief® is powered by patented, FDA Approved Microcurrent Science and Technology

To learn more about Microlief®, please visit www.microlief.com


From Head to Hindquarters, Microlief® has applications on the body and legs of the equine athlete…which brings us to


Animal Dynamics has been selected by Equine Microcurrent Systems as the exclusive provider of U.S. and International Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Certification Training (MEMT)

Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Certification Training provides Equine Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers a new, highly effective way to help their equine clients and earn extra income.

Benefits of Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Certification  (MEMT)

You will learn a new, revolutionary, highly effective way to treat equine athletic muscular stress and injuries
You will greatly increase the success rate of your equine massage therapy sessions
You can purchase Mircolief® products at a discounted price for use in your equine massage therapy sessions
You can apply to become a reseller of Microlief® products and earn additional income.


The first Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Certification Training Program will be held in Ocala, FL  August 1-3, 2015.  Additional courses will be added to the schedule.

For more information on the Microlief® Equine Microcurrent Therapy Certification Training Program,

Please visit:  http://equinesportsmassage.com/microlief-certification-training/


The Microlief Equine Shop is open for business.  You can shop online at http://shop.microlief.com/

Animal Dynamics Equine Sports Massage alumni receive a 15% discount off all purchases through July 31, 2015.  Just enter the coupon code ESM at checkout.

 Microlief® for Optimal Equine Health & Performance


 Daily Injury Prevention

Competition Prep & Recovery

Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

3 Great Reasons 4 Horses 2 Celebrate!

Don Doran is a professional horseman of 40+ years and the original developer of Equine Sports Massage and Equine Electro-Acupressure therapies. He is based at his farm in Ocala Florida, where he teaches classes listed above. He and his wife Lisa, also a Human and Equine sports therapist both lecture and teach worldwide, as well as attending to clients horses and stables around the globe. As a Human and Equine Sports Massage therapist, he is a practitioner of Die Da Yao, Oriental Therapies, Herbalist, and developer of the Basic Wellness line of Die Da Yao healing products.