Advanced Equine Sports Massage Training

show_3If you want to make it over the high bar of excellence in equine bodywork, then you need to study hard and work hard.  Our Advanced Equine Sports Massage Training program will help you reach your goals.

We present students with a tremendous amount of information in our 5-day Foundation Equine Sports Massage Training Program.  Our 5-day Advanced course builds upon and expands this knowledge.

We find that students who take these two courses back to back develop better hand techniques, a stronger command of equine anatomy and greater confidence in their work than students who only participate in the Foundation program.

Equine Sports Massage is a craft.  It must be properly practiced in order to be mastered.

Highlights of our Advanced Equine Sports Massage Training Program:

  • Classroom review of all muscles presented in the Foundation class
  • Instructor supervised HANDS ON PRACTICE on horses with muscular isssues
  • Advanced anatomy.  Muscles of the hindquarters, hind leg and foreleg.
  • Foreleg stretching
  • Charting and record keeping
  • Dorans’ 22-Point Quick Evaluation process.  This process helps student’s get a big picture of a horse’s overall muscular problems in 10 minutes or less.
  • Laser therapy
  • Basic English & Western saddle fit
  • Equine Polarity and Equine Cranial Sacral Theapy
  • Instructor observation & evaluation of each student’s muscular evaluation skills and equine sports massage therapy skills with recommendations for improvement.

Educated minds and hands make the difference between a “feel good rub” and a professional equine sports massage therapy session.  The effectiveness of the session is dependent upon:

  • Correct Evaluation
  • Use of proper technqiues
  • The skill level and experience of the practitioner


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