English Saddle Flocking and Basic English Saddle Fit

DSC00530If you are a dressage or English style rider, you probably know that the best fitting English saddle is a saddle that is filled with real wool, not foam.

You also probably know that wool panels need regular maintenance. You also know how difficult and expensive it is to find someone who knows how to properly maintain and re-flock the panels.

Why not learn how to do it yourself?  There is a need in the U.S. for individuals that understand the principles of English Saddle Fit and who have the ability to strip down and properly reflock an English saddle.

In this 5 day class, you will gain the knowledge and skills to maintain your own saddles and if you so desire, begin your own English Saddle Flocking business.

Class Highlights

English Saddle TreesNaked-saddle

Learn the anatomy of the English saddle tree

Lean how to test for broken or twisted saddle trees

Learn the problems presented by Flex Trees


Learn how to evaluate the design, construction and health of the panels.

Basic English Saddle Fit

Learn the basics of good saddle fit. Learn how a wool flocked saddle can help the health of the horse’s back. Learn what wool flocking can and cannot do to help correct a saddle fit.

Understanding Leather

Lean about the various types and grades of leather used in Saddlery. Learn to recognize high quality leather versus expensively priced, but inferior cuts of leather.

Tool TalkLearn-to-Sew

Learn about the tools required for working on an English saddle and how to properly use them


Learn the art of sewing leather

Saddle Surgery

Learn how to safely cut open a saddle to examine the flocking and tree. Learn how to correctly sew the saddle back up!

Man-flockThere is a demand in the equine industry for people who can flock English saddles. There is a shortage of people who know how to Flock & Fit PROPERLY.

Typically, the charge for a full saddle Reflocking is $250 – $300 per saddle.  Flocking Touch-Ups cost $75 – $100 per saddle.  This can be a viable income stream for you!

If you are an equine body worker this is an additional service that you can offer to your clients.

Seeing the inside of an English saddle and understanding how they are constructed takes all of the doubt and guess work out of English saddle fitting.

The course tuition covers the use of flocking tools during the class and enough wool to fully reflock 3 English saddles. Students should plan to invest another $200 – $400 to purchase their own personal flocking tools.

Students are required to bring at least 3 wool flocked English saddle to class for practice.

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