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Benefits of Equine Bodywork for Your Horse

Provides immediate relief for overworked musclesDon-and-Chance-c

Releases muscular spasms and chronic tension

Increases flexibility and range of motion

Helps PREVENT Injuries

Promotes a state of well-being and relaxes the horse’s mind

Helps your horse compete at his/her best

Animal Dynamics
Equine Performance Consultants
“The Best Equine Bodywork in the Universe!”

We are highly skilled and uniquely qualified to help you and your horse.

We offer these equine services:

Equine Sports Massage, Equine Electro-Acupressure, Muscle-Stim

Saddle Fit consultations:  English, Western, Endurance, Race Training

English Saddle Re-flocking

Equine Strength Training and Muscular Rehabilitation

Equine Management Consultations

Equine Herbal Consultations

Telephone consultations, at reasonable rates, by appointment

We specialize in relieving equine back pain

We make and sell these equine products:

Our own line of Hand Made Western and English Wool Felt Saddle Pads

Our own line of equine topical applications

These items can be purchased from our online store: