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  "After attending an Animal Dynamics' seminar, You will never look at a horse the same way again!”
  At Animal Dynamics, our talent and expertise is in identifying the root causes of performance problems and providing the permanent, proper solution to these problems.
Don Doran, LMT
  I am a third generation horseman and for over 35 years I have made my living working hands-on with horses. Early on in my career, the aspect that interested me most about athletic horses was injury recovery and rehabilitation. I spent many hours talking to horsemen from around the world on all aspects of injury treatment, recovery and prevention.
Relaxes the Muscular System
Increases Muscle Flexibility & Range of Motion
Removes Undesired Spasms and Adhesions from the Muscles
Helps Prevent Injuries
Speeds recovery from Muscular Injuries
Reduces Stress and Promotes Relaxation
Strengthens the Equine-Human Bond
Helps prevent disease before it occurs
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The key to maximum success with horses is in your hands Our high intensity, high impact seminars, will expand your mind and improve your horsemanship.
It is unrealistic to expect performance from a horse that is in pain. Unfortunately, in the horse industry today, pain management is common practice and horsemanship is a fading art.

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